Business Workshops

Social Security Planning Workshop

Learn the answers to your questions:
• Will Social Security be there for me?
• How much money can I expect to receive?
• When should I apply for Social Security?
• How can I maximize my benefits?
• Will Social Security be enough to live on in retirement?

Preparing for Retirement Workshop

Learn the answers to your questions:
• How do I want to retire?
• How much money will I need to retire?
• When is the right time to retire?
• Who do I share my retirement income with?
• What are the greatest risks to my retirement plans?
• How do I invest for retirement?

Credit/Debt Management Workshop

Come and learn about:
• What is credit?
• What is a credit report?
• What is the difference between good and bad credit?
• How do you avoid bad credit?
• How do you rebuild your credit?

Health Care in Retirement Workshop

Manage your health care by learning about:
• Long-term care services
• Advance directives
• Paying for health care in retirement
• Health insuranceplans

Life Insurance Workshop

Come and learn about:
• How much life insurance do I need?
• What type of life insurance should I buy?
• Life Insurance options/benefits
• Life insurance action plan

Small Business Bookkeeping 101

In 6 short hours you will learn all about the basics of bookkeeping and how to make it work in your business.

Budgeting 101



What is a budget? Why is budgeting important? These and other budgeting questions will be answered in this interactive and fun workshop.
Join us as we cover:

  • Real World Budgeting Strategies
  • Hierarchy of Budgeting
  • Different Budgeting Styles
  • and more!

Come and learn how to develop your ACTion plan for 2018!

Who Are You? Creating your brand in the marketplace

What is your identity in the marketplace? Do you know the difference between a brand and logo? Do you know how the brand prism can work for you? This workshop will help you identify and distinguish your brand in the marketplace to reach your desired target market.

Financial, Business and Estate Planning for the Business Owner

Desiring to know how to plan for your future? Will your business survive if you are not there? Who will make the hard decisions if you are unable to do so? These and other questions are answered in this informative workshop offered by a Waddell & Reed representative.

Analyzing your Financial Statements for Success

What is financial management? It is the management of an organizations funds(money) to help set, track and accomplish the objectives of an organization by planning, organizing, monitoring and directing. This class will assist your understanding the financial aspects of your business.

Nuts & Bolts of Starting a Business

If you’ve ever considered starting a small business or already have a business and want more information on how to make it run smoothly? This would be the best place to start! Topics include: Marketing, budgeting, tax planning and more!

Fundamentals of [Business] Writing

Do you know you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression? As a business professional, your written communication speaks volumes! This course is an interactive adventure on: the importance of writing clearly and succinctly; writing professional emails; understanding the difference between effect/affect, to/too/two, it/it’s.

How Do You Do? Social Media & You

Did you know that 90% of marketers said that social media was important to their business? Are you one of those that needs clarity, direction or understanding of the various social media channels? This workshop is an engaging look into the most popular channels of social media to determine which one suits your business goals.
David B. Plemons CPA, Inc. offers various workshops to help your business succeed!

Topics include Social Media, Marketing, Year End Tax Reporting, Entity Creation, Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Money Management, Preparing for Retirement and other specific topics. Our staff conducts our workshops and we bring in specific speakers for the more detailed topics that can assist in growing your business to the next level.

We also offer intensive 1-day business workshops training that get to the heart of your business needs: Budgeting, Bookkeeping, Marketing, Social Media, Buy/Sell Agreements and others. Check out our calendar and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop. We are committed to your success!

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